East Coast Bound

I’ve been super MIA on here and I promised to be posting more often, sorry! I’ve been very busy to say the least. May 16th was my birthday and as such I went to celebrate on the weekend prior to it. It was a blast and I’m so glad I got to spend time with friends and family. Part of the reason why I’ve been so busy is because I started a new job! I’m very excited about it and it combines a lot of things I love together in one package. Now I’m commuting on the train to SF everyday and it takes up a lot of time especially since I’m trying to get working out into my full day. Needless to say it’s going to take a while to figure out a steady schedule.

This month is a month of a lot of occasions and changes. Two days after my birthday I flew to VA after work to see my dear cousin Patrick graduate from university. I was there for 4 days and had an amazing time. The first day I got to catch up on sleep while they were at work and then played around with some makeup. Then we went out to dinner. I figured I’d post the outfit I wore because I liked it.

The blazer and cardigan are from H&M, the skirt and shoes are from Cotton On, and the belt was from Wet Seal I believe. I find it interesting the inexpensive finds I purchase that can snazzy up an outfit. The watch I’ve shown before, but it’s a vintage Minnie Mouse watch that my aunt gave me. We went to a restaurant that had great food.

I actually ate a lot of delicious food while I was on the east coast so bear with me while I flood this blog with food porn within the next couple of posts.

For now I’ll end here, but I do have more pictures to post of my trip to VA. I hope you enjoy the posts to come! Take care :)


Minty Fresh Tutorial

I’ve had a couple of requests on this look and it’s something I’ve been doing on almost an everyday basis. It’s a great way to be neutral but to kick it up just a little bit with a shimmery duochrome color.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Corrupt

Inglot Eyeshadows: 363, 54, 361, 8, 352

Inglot Pigment: 85

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L

Covergirl Lashblast

K Palette 24/7 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner

Red Cherry Lashes #74

Inglot Blush: 32

Benefit Benetint Lip Balm

I hope you are all doing well & you'll definitely be seeing from me soon! :)


My Niece's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago I drove about 2 and half hours away from where I live to go celebrate my niece's birthday. I managed to get a couple of shots of my outfit and figured I'd post it up here for you guys :)

Before I show you my outfit, look at how gorgeous this child is with her blue eyes and curly blonde hair!

She's hilarious, my niece is an absolute riot. I normally don't like children, but this girl had me cracking up the whole time with her natural sarcasm and how straight forward she is. That is one thing I can say I enjoy about kids. During that day it was kind of windy and I'm glad my outfit was completely comfortable and flowy.

The sunglasses I wore are Rayban Wayfarers and I love them so much. I've just come to the realization that I need to embrace my hipster qualities and not fight them because I know a lot of the things I do and things I like are considered to be hipster, but its totally fine haha. If you're interested in the specific Raybans I have click here.

Most people don't see my nose piercing because it's so small, but I've had it for a year now. I have no regrets about it whatsoever. I love it. I actually wanted to pierce my nose a good couple of years ago but never did it. The earrings I'm wearing are from H&M. I believe I purchased them about 3 weeks ago to a month ago so I'm not sure if they're still in stores but feather accessories are popular right now, so I don't imagine anyone having trouble finding some.

I've really been enjoying wearing slouchy tops because they're very comfortable. I bought this pale jade colored one from Love Culture for about $13 I think. It's pretty inexpensive and completely comfortable. The tank underneath is from H&M and the leggings are from Cotton On.

I love to wear costume jewelry because I think they're so funky, inexpensive and fun to play with. Both of the rings I'm wearing I purchased in the diamond district in NYC on different trips there. The owl necklace and other chains are from Forever21 and the watch is actually a vintage Disney watch with Minnie Mouse on it. My aunt found it in her house a while back and since she doesn't have any daughters I asked her if I could have it and she said yes :)

This is a close up of the watch. It's so cute right?!

The sandals are from Mia and I bought at Nordstrom Rack. I love that my tattoos peeks out a little in this photo. I love how you can't see how big it is because it goes up to about 2/3 of my calf.

Even though it was a little windy, the weather was still fantastic. I'm hoping it starts getting warm regularly because I love this season. I hope all of your are doing well and I'll see you soon! :)


Strawberry Mask

A couple of weeks ago I tried this strawberry mask that was posted on Beautylish because I thought it would be interesting since I've never made a homemade mask before and the fact that I already had all the ingredients in my house didn't hurt at all. Living in Northern California has a lot of benefits to it and I could go on for days discussing it, but I won't haha. One of the great things is the produce here. Right now strawberries are in season so they're all around here. I had purchased some and they were close to spoiling, so I figured I'd try this out! On the link above, it lists all of the ingredients needed and how much of each for this mask.

Overall after the whole process, I liked how my skin felt afterwards and the fact that my face smelled amazingly sweet didn't hurt either. I swear I wanted to lick my face for the next day it smelled so good!

I hope you are all having a good week thus far & that you're having great weather like we are here. You'll hear from me soon! Take care!