Obsessive Compulsive Lo-Fi Spring 2011 Collection and Brush Set

Hey Guys!

I just got these beauties in the mail today and went totally crazy and started taking pictures and swatching. This is the new spring colors for OCC's loose colours and lip tars!

(from left to right: Reverb, Lo-Fi, Tone, Interlace, Beta, Analog)

(from top left to bottom right: Noise, Bitmap, Hum, Artifact, Flawed, Distortion)

Here's some information about the products from their website:

$13.00 USD | 8mL - A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss.

$12.00 USD | 2.5g - Micronized colour pigments fused with shimmering mica for use on the eyes, and anywhere else on the face and body.

$189.50 USD |OCC is proud to present our introductory selection of 100% Vegan Professional Makeup Brushes. Selected by the artists at OCC and field tested behind-the-scenes during LA Fashion Week S/S 2011, OCC Brushes combine form and function in a sleek and cruelty-free fashion. Unprecedentedly soft synthetic bristles made from blends of nylon and taklon apply powder, liquid and creme products effortlessly. OCC signature white handles emblazoned with our logo fit ergonomically into your hands and are specially weighted with nickel-plated ferrules to balance with ease. A must for any artist's kit or for a pro-quality application of your favorite cosmetics.

I've used the lip tars before and have always liked them. For people who haven't tried them, they are liquid but set matte and are a little drying. So I say put a good moisturizer on before putting these on and maybe put a gloss over them. I personally have a lot of issues with bleeding with these, so I use Too Faced Borderline lip liner and I'm completely fine! They are super pigmented and absolutely amazing. A little goes a VERY long way with these, so the product will last you an amazing amount of time. From the colors, I'd have to say I like Reverb, Interlace, and Tone but these are all great for customizing your own lip color!

As for the loose colour, I've never used them before but trying them for the first time I was blown away, especially with Distortion and Flawed. They have to be my favorite even though they are all fantastic colors.

I hope this was helpful to you guys! Talk to you soon :)


Rosettiness said...

Oooooh pretty I want to try sum liptars! Thanx for the tooface tip ;) how did you like the brushes ?

Claudine said...

The colors are gorgeous and I love OCC's lip tars....Amazing!!!

Kelly said...

Pretty! I reall want to try an OCC lip tar soon! They look amazing!

Sara said...

Those are beautiful! I've been wanting to try some of the lip tars. I just can't decide what colors to get. They're not making it any easier putting out new ones! lol Thanks for the swatches.

What kind of crafts do you do? I'm a "crafter" as well, though I don't have much time for it currently. Thank goodness I can squeeze in a little creativity with my makeup daily!!