Graduation Day in VA!

Hi Guys!

So I'm going to continue on with my trip to VA! The second day I was there, it was my cousin's graduation day and he really wanted me to have a fauxhawk on his big day which made me laugh and think it was cute at the same time. It was still kind of windy outside but it wasn't storming, which was a relief since I was planning on wearing a dress and heels. I'm so proud of my cousin for graduating :)

The dress & the jacket are from H&M. The belt is from Wet Seal and the heels are Cathy Jean (which coincidentally are my favorite).

After we went to a Mexican restaurant and I had a shrimp and avocado salad, my cousin Kaycee had tacos, my cousin Patrick chile relleno, and my aunt had salmon. The food was so good!

That night we went to this place in Washington D.C. called Co.Co Sala which is a chocolate place that has amazing desserts! We ordered an artichoke tart and a salad, then we had amazingggg desserts that left me speechless. So goood!

Sorry there's not much to this post today, but I hope it will suffice for now! Take care & I'll talk to you soon enough :)


Ev said...

love your hair! and the food looks super delish!

Vinita Jayant said...

the desserts look yumm

Andrea said...

Hey there! You were totally in my area. Do you mind posting the name of the Mexican place? I'd like to check them out. Their food looks amazing.