Painted Lady Tutorial


Most people who saw my review on the Infallible lipcolor were asking for a tutorial on the look that I had in the end of the video and I was going to wait to post it for a couple of days, but since there were so many comments asking for it, I figure I'd post it asap :)

For the video tutorial, click here!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Kryolan Cream Liner in Aqua
Inglot Shadows: 65, 495, 372, 59, 465
MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla
MAC Eyeshadow in Shimmermoss
Kryolan Cream Liner in Ebony
Red Cherry #28
Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara
The Balm Blush in Cabana Boy
The Balm Lip Plumper in Cocoa my Coconut



L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour

I wanted to take a look at this lip color because I saw commercials on it and heard some good things about it but because I'm so picky about lip products because of my issues with dry lips, I wanted to see for myself. To start with the packaging is pretty nice since its a little more compact than having the two sided tubes that these usually have. I only really got this because the target one was a little cheaper than the regular priced ones.

I didn't really like the way the product felt when it set without the conditioner on it, but that is kind of normal. The wear was pretty good, but I didn't really enjoy the flaking it did by the end of the day. For use for a couple of hours, I think its great, but the whole day I don't think it really is.

I'd give this product a 7/10 for the color pay off and for the packaging. I might have knocked it down a little for the actual way it wore on me throughout the day.

For the video on how I reacted to it, click here.



Plum Goddess Tutorial

Hey guys!!

As promised here I am with a post with a new tutorial I just posted on youtube! I was inspired by an image I saw on Tumblr and my friend Tess. Click here for my tumblr if you're interested :)

For this tutorial, I haven't used a lot of color in my everyday life, so it was kind of like trying to ride a bike again when I was putting any type of color on my face. It was weird, but fun. I used some products that were sent to me from The Balm, which I will fully discuss soon as use them more to get a good idea of what I think about them.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Eyeshadow in Sushiflower
Sugarpill Pressed Shadow in Poison Plum
Sugarpill Pressed Shadow in Dollipop
Sugarpill Pressed Shadow in Bulletproof
The Balm Blush and Shadow in Hot Mama
MAC Pigment in Melon
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero
K Palette 24 Hr Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner
Red Cherry Lashes #28
MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla
The Balm Blush in Cabana Boy
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
MAC MSF in Sunny by Nature
Shisiedo Shimmering Rouge in RS 308

Here's the video if you haven't seen it.



holy geesh lots of nail polishes!

So a couple of weeks ago my co worker told me about this place in my city that had some pretty good deals on nail polishes and asked if I wanted to go, of course I said yes! How could I pass up nail polish deals!?

So apparently this place just opened and it had a bunch of different colors. The ones that I bought were China Glaze which were $2.75 a bottle, OPI which were $4.00 a bottle and Zoya which were $3.75 a bottle. I also bought a base coat from CND called Sticky, but we'll get to that later.

Here are the OPIs:
(from left to right)
Hot & Spicy, Gargantuan Green Grape, That's Berry Daring, & Dim Sum Plum

China Glaze:
(from left to right)
Crackle Glaze in Black Mesh, Flyin' High, Snow Globe, Shooting Stars, Inner Beauty, Turned up Turqoise (Neon)

(from left to right)
Frej, Flowie, Maya

Then last the CND Base Coat in Sticky:

Now I do have to say that I've only used a couple of these so far (the minty green polish from OPI, the pink one from Zoya, the fuschia one from OPI, the crackle polish from China Glaze, and the base coat). The crackle polish, I'm in LOOOVE with. They have more colors and I should have got more, I probably will go back and get a couple of other colors because they were selling them for $4 a piece. OHHH & the upside is at this place if you pay cash, they don't tax.

As for the base, I am NOT a fan of it at ALL. I do have to state though that I am a waitress, artist, and I workout 3-4 days a week so I use my hands a LOT. Nail polish does NOT stay on me for very long and I need a base coat that works because my hands are ALWAYS in water. The SAME day of me putting on nail polish (I used the base, the Zoya color in Maya, and Seche Vite as a top coat) and they started peeling already and when I say peeling, it was like I was peeling a sticker off of my nail. I will never use this base EVER again. So forewarning to all. I've also been noticing that Seche Vite is not working for me either. We'll see what I find that will work for me, but for now, here are some prettttty color polishes that I had to snag :)


Hello there party people!

Hey there everyone :)

I haven't posted on this blog in forever and I've decided to start up doing it again just because I know I should and it would be helpful to post small makeup/beauty related things I've discovered or enjoyed/disliked without having to post up a whole video on youtube.

For everyone who doesn't know, I do have a youtube channel and do makeup on there pretty actively! I'm going to try to have a post to go along with each video from here on out so if you have been following this blog, you know that I used to have a bunch of posts. I deleted them all and am starting fresh! I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer here and you'll be hearing from me soon!

Take care :)