A Day in Oakland

Good afternoon ladies & gentleman!

I always get people asking to show what kind of outfits I wear so in between posts of makeup and such I'll be blogging about my day and will show clothes I wear. I figure It'd be easier than posting a video on it and I won't feel so weird about it since I usually take pictures when I go out to places with friends and family.

On Saturday, my mother, father, cousin Raymund, and I went to Oakland to eat at Fenton's since my mother has never been there before. It really was a gorgeous day out (it has been for the past couple of days) but it was still a bit chilly.

We saw these two adorable boys walking with their mother and I had to stop them to ask if I could take a picture of them. They have so much style, I just had to.

A lot people ask about showing my tattoo so here it is. Its on the inside of my right leg and its a cherry blossom branch.

As for the clothes I am wearing, the hat, skirt, shirt, and side bag are all from H&M. The cardigan I got from forever21 a long time ago, I also got the scarf from forever21, and the flats are from Cotton On.

I hope you guys enjoy these random posts. Let me know if you'd like me to continue posting blogs like this!



Kerstin said...

I really like this kind of posts :). I would appreciate more of them!

Greetings from Germany :).

Lemon Bunny/Mandy said...

Yes, please keep doing these types of posts, I love them! :D

Anonymous said...

Those boys are so cute!

Mascara+Lattes said...

I like this type of post! Love the pictures...especially the adorable boys! Too cute! Your tattoo is awesome, also. :)

amber&betty said...

OMG, You live near oakland?! :) we should totally kick it! ./sounds like a stalker, but I swear that could be the greatest gift in the world.. a day with you. >.< I'm in Livermore, in case you were wondering.. god, I feel like such a creeper, lol.

amber @ ayevanity.com

Kelly said...

I really like your tattoo, it looks really pretty!

Karen said...

awh those little guys are so cute!! love your tatoo :)

Sarah Novak said...

That restaurant looks amazing! And your outfit is super cute. Anddd those boys are so adorable!

Versión11 said...


I do like this kind of posts, but please don't leave behind the make up one's!! You're the most funny make up guru from YT and we love it.

Regards from Spain.

kAt said...

I love random blogs! I look forward to more!

Valerie Nguyen said...

the 2 little boys are fashionably adorable!! I would definitely dress my kids like that!

jazziebabycakes said...

Kerstin: Hello from California! I will make sure to post more of these then :)

Lemon Bunny/Mandy: Will do!

Freddie: I know, I couldn't take it. I was gushing over their style for a while.

Mascara+Lattes: Thank you so much for the tattoo compliment! I love that thing so much.

Amber&betty: No I don't live by Oakland haha, I just drove over there for my mom. Hang out with me!? I'm just Jasmine, nobody big! Thank you though for thinking so highly of me!

Kelly: Thank you so much, I love it. It's my little form of rebellion haha.

Karen: Me too! & Thank you! :)

Sarah Novak: The restaurant is really cute. My favorite thing about it of course is the ice cream. I die over it. I'm glad it's far enough for me to not have available all the time.

Versión11: I will make sure to still have makeup posts, don't worry! & Thank you :)

kAt: yay!

Valerie: I could imagine you would! They were so dapper, those cute little boys. I'm hoping you're seeing my comments back as well (I read yours on your blog haha), it just takes me a little longer to respond because I have multiple online outlets to work with.