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I wouldn't normally post just a blog post of me talking but I'm in a mood to for some strange reason.

Most of the people who watch my videos are used to me being very daring and completely vibrant. I didn't want to admit it but I do have to say that was a phase of my life. I was going through things and having the freedom to be able to dye my hair pink, purple, and blue was something I had never tried before.

I wanted to experiment and I do have to say that I didn't have the confidence to when I was bigger. When the weight started coming off, I started playing around with clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup like I never did before and it was a lot of fun.

Now that I'm fine tuning some things in my life and letting my style as a person progress, I no longer have the desire to look the way I did. I'm genuinely enjoying toning it down and being more neutral and natural looking. I feel pretty when I do it. That is why my hair color is the way it is now. It's not brown, its a dark red. I'm sure that I will still throw on things that are a little more like the old Jasmine, but for now this is me.

I also want to talk about the fact that my face looks different. I did not have any plastic surgery. The only thing that changed with me was my weight and I did it all the old fashion way: diet & exercise. My face looks different now because of the weight change, a lot of people's faces do when they drop weight because that is one of the first places you start noticing it. That's all.

Me bettering my health is all for me and no one else and I am doing it the way that I wanted to. I don't knock anyone for being an x amount of pounds or for being an x size. If you are happy the way you are, that's fantastic and I'm happy for you. I am more happy now than I have ever been and I hope that anyone who follows me and reads this is as well because I really appreciate all of the support.


Sara said...

You're a lovely woman at every size. I've been really inspired by you and learned so much. Whatever your "look" just be true to yourself - always. <3

Lemon Bunny/Mandy said...

I loved the colorful hair, but I think I honestly prefer the way you look now with the natural looking hair. I'm similar to you: in high school I was into funky colored hair and weird and outlandish things, but now that I'm "maturing" I actually tend to reach for neutrals more often just because I feel they're more flattering and classy. Not that I still don't wear bold makeup and clothes, I just know how to change things up now. :)

aneesha said...

I think it's awesome that you can be so open and honest about your weight then and now, the changes you've made for yourself, and sharing with us all the hard work you've put into being healthy and happy. It's not easy to do something like that..especially with all the potential *haters*. But what you've shared with us is absolutely genuine and inspiring! Watching your videos really made me stop and think about my health and what makes me happy. I'm a stress eater. Eating makes me feel better in the moment and then I get all glum about it all. It's a viscious cycle. But your video really helped me evaluate my unhealthy eating habits and made me realize that it is possible to change, just got to start small to make it stick. I can't even say how thankful I am that you shared your journey. It really is inspiring when I lose focus. Stay strong, stay healthy, and be happy =)

sepia_raven said...

Good for you for being the way you want to be! I think you're such a great role model for girls and women, and I love your style, funky or neutral! :)

Caroline said...

Hey girly =) If it weren't for my uber sensitive skin, I'd test out oodles of make-up looks just like you! I've known you for years and I've always thought you were b-e-a-uuuutiful, then and now. No matter the hair color, clothes, make-up, size, mood or place, you always wore a smile that was contagious. I don't think I've ever seen you not smiling! Excited to find that you have a blog! Gonna add it to my list and keep checking in!

Linda said...

It takes an amazingly brave and beautiful person to be so strong. Being in the "public eye" (even if it's just on the internet), people will ALWAYS try to knock you down. I give you such kudos for being able to look them in the eye like this and say, "I'm PROUD of who and of what I am."

You truly do inspire people, girlie. Just keep being you and you'll keep being an inspiration to so many...including me. :)

xoxo Linda

Pinkysmiles said...

Hey Jazzie,

You are so beautiful. Not just on the outside, but inside as well. You are so true to yourself and I love that. I can honestly say that I know exactly how you feel. I was in your position and went through an amazing phase when I lost a large amount of weight naturally. I felt great, had a time when it got to my head and I did come back down to earth. I unfortunately have some health problems and they have led me back to being overweight. It is harder because of this, but I am getting back on my own program. It worked for me so I have faith in good things to come. You have really helped inspire me because you are so young and beautiful. Everyone goes through phases, that is the best part of life is that we can take charge to create our own destiny. Enjoy every minute you can, because no matter what life is too short and you really are meant for amazing and fabulous things! Stay positive, happy and focused. You are on a great path and can only go up from here! Xoxo

Valerie Nguyen said...

Hi Jasmine! I really enjoyed the entry and I'm glad it's the first one I get to read! I can relate to you in many ways and I am glad to know that you have grown confidence in yourself. I use to be overweight as well and I can surely tell you that many people thought I had plastic surgery too, but of course... I didn't. Also, I use to experiment with my looks during my process of losing weight(ie:dyed my hair different colors, cut my hair in crazy different styles, daring make-up) but as I've grown so has my look. I think it happens to everyone when they grow up and they know who they are and are more confident in themselves. I grow into phases, so my looks never stay long but I think my phases are more polished and mature. Well, anyways... enough rambling. It was a very enjoyable read and keep up the good work!

jazziebabycakes said...

@Sara, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it more than I can say! Being anyone's inspiration is something I feel so honored to be, truly.

@Lemon Bunny/Mandy, Thank you! I'm glad to know there are people who know what I mean!

@aneesha, I actually screencapped this comment and showed it off because I was so touched by it. You have no idea how much this meant and I'm so happy that I could any help in any way.

@sepia raven, Thank you very much! I feel so overwhelmed when people say that I can be a role model to young girls because I feel like that is something more extraordinary women should be. I'm just me, but I really do appreciate it.

@Caroline, oh my good friend, thank you so much. I know that since you've known me for so many years and have seen me throughout the stages, that you can understand the change I went through. I feel so blessed to hear such amazing words, especially from such a genuinely nice person. Thank you so much and I've been following your blog for a while lady! It always makes me want to knit haha.

@Linda, I feel like I'm repeating myself with these comments but I really have to reiterate and say that I appreciate what you have said so much. Just me being able to be me and for people to appreciate it means more to me than I can ever say. Thank you.

@Pinkysmiles, Thank you so much for all of the kind words and for the encouragement. I'm happy to know I am not alone in this journey and that you are inspired by me. Be strong, I know you can do it.

@Valerie, Hi!! I feel lucky then that this is the first post that you read from me since we do have so much in common. Maybe its a weight thing that causes people to experiment as they change physically? I know that it was a fun part of my life and that I don't regret it. Just developing a certain style that suits me is all I'm really focusing on when it comes to dressing. I can tell that about you and your blog. I'm really looking forward to more of your posts because they do inspire!

Sarah Novak said...

You were beautiful before, and you're beautiful now! I loved your style when you were doing tons of crazy colors, and I love it even more now that you're doing more wearable, but still dramatic looks. You're amazing no matter what you do! <3

Kat W. | Freelance Makeup Artist said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. I kinda feel the same way about the weight loss. Over the past 2 years, I dropped about 60 pounds after I was diagnosed with diabetes. You inspire me, Jasmine. I saw how you dropped those pounds after each of your yt video posts and you look great! Maybe you can be my gym buddy...lol, I could always use the motivation. haha.

And I PROMISE to send your package (Blushing Artisan Makeup) sometime next week. Work has got me soooooooo busy(damn tax season...i can't wait till the 18th for it to be over!). Just worked a 14 hour day... =T

Okies, time for bed. And just wanted to let you know I love your work! =]

<3 Kat

Anika said...

Jazzie! You're my inspiration :) I started going to the gym last week and limiting my food. I love youuu!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! I'm also on a weight loss journey and find your progress a inspiration to me. Keep up the good work! I want to open up my blog family and I just wanted to let you know that you are welcomed to come by and critic my blog anytime. Happy Writing!