Functionality of Packaging Design

Some of you may not know, but I am a graduated graphic designer and naturally having that eye for design, especially packaging design, I tend to be somewhat judgmental on makeup products when the packaging isn't useful and is a waste of space and time. This is why I don't try some brands. I know it's wrong to base why I wouldn't try a product based on packaging when the product itself is probably very good, but the way I feel is if a product is good on it's own, it doesn't need a whole lot of fluff and flash to sell it. A good example would be the shadow books that you see from Too Faced and Urban Decay. While I would like to try these out, the fact that they are so bulky and take up so much space turns me off completely. I have enough makeup as it is and to have that much space taken away from me just from cardboard and printing doesn't make any sense for me.

In another aspect though, when packaging is sleek, thought out and is designed with functionality in mind, I am more than overjoyed. The first time I saw how Inglot's palettes stack up and are magnetized completely made my day. They are great for packing your kit and stay closed so that your eye shadows and lip products don't get contaminated or possibly damaged during travel.

Another example of good design, especially good re-design is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. As you might have seen before, the packaging for this product was terrible for using the most out of the product. Trying to get the primer out of the bottle with the applicator was kind of a hassle in spots where the product would gather and the wand wouldn't be able to reach it. This is why I was so glad that they realized this and went to a much more usable squeeze bottle.

Do you pay attention to packaging when purchasing a makeup product & do you let it affect your purchase decision based on how you would use it or is it merely whether it looks good?


Dumbfresh87 said...

i always take the packaging into consideration, especially on big ticket items. when you have good packaging you usually have a good product. you also want to know you will be able to get all of the product out and that it will remain sterile throughout use.

bellapepper53 said...

Ahh great article! I'm totally in the same boat as you. I hate cardboard palettes. I don't get it. It's gross, and it's bulky like you said. I wouldn't mind so much, since they're better for the environment, but when functionality is hindered, a product isn't worth it to me. Unless I can depot everything.

nappingpanda said...

I love good design! I'm currently struggling trying to find packaging that uses as little to no plastic as possible (unless they are reusable. I especially don't understand why a lot of "green" products still choose plastic. The farthest I stray now from cardboard and glass is to MAC because of their "Back to MAC" programme.

Sarah. said...

This is great- I feel the same way about Urban Decay's bulky palettes! They look really cute, but it bothers me how unnecessarily big they are! Urban Decay's first Primer Potion packaging pissed me off, too :P

Sloperation said...

I feel the same way! Sometimes simple and sleek is really just best. I'm also really concerned about skincare products and that they come in tubes or pumps. Also packaging can really affect how effective a product is to use more than people initially realize. Great post! :)

NotSoTrophyMarineWife said...

Personally I am a fan of fancy packaging. My initial attraction to the KVD line at Sephora was the packaging. I'm not a big KVD fan but the packaging on the palettes, the lipsticks and the glosses pulled me in. I like how the packaging is sturdy and enjoy the rubbery texture of a lot of the items. I'm not really thrilled with the white items but I've honestly become a collector and that persuades me to buy them more.

Chatta Box said...

Packaging is a very important aspect in my opinion. I have a small room, which gives me a small space to store everything. I generally enjoy palettes with several colors of purchasing them individually.

As for the Box of Shadows and the Two Faced sets. They tend to go overboard with the design but those palettes are a cute addition to the decor of my vanity/room. I do agree that these are bulky and aren't ideal for travel, but i enjoy the variety of the colors.

I am so excited that UD finally got the memo and changed the design of the primer potion. I remember people were cutting the tubes in order to get the remaining amount of primer left over. But the thing I did notice is that the price for the product went up.

PristinePlasticine said...

Yes I pay a lot of attention to the packaging. I love Urban Decay packaging, though I have to agree about the shadow books.
I love the Sleek (the brand ;) packaging as well.
And for me the best design goes to Kat Von D. Love the tattoos on the pallettes :)
Oh and however non-functional, I love Benefit packaging, love the 50's feel.

Big Design said...

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