Healthy food fix!

A couple of days ago I got home from the gym and was ready to munch down on some food because I'm usually very hungry by the time I'm done working out. It was about dinner time and I was cooking a chicken breast. I knew I didn't want to put too much carbs on the agenda because it was night time. So I looked in my fridge and found these things to make this simple but delicious dinner. I thought I would share with you all since I get a lot of questions of what kind of food I eat.

1 chicken breast
1/4 of a small purple cabbage
about 8 romaine lettuce leaves
fresh salsa
1/2 of an avocado
1/3 cup light sour cream
lime juice

I pretty much just made wraps with them and filled the leaves with all of the toppings along with a couple of dollops of the light sour cream and a drizzle of the lime juice. I don't count calories 100% so I'm not too sure how many calories this meal is, but it is nonetheless a healthy meal as opposed to having tacos (especially ones that have a fried tortilla).

A lot of the food I make has a lot of color to it and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I'm a graphic designer and makeup artist. I can't help but make things with color and food is no exception. A lot of what you enjoy is what looks good, so why not make sure your food looks appealing while it tastes so! By incorporating colorful and delicious vegetables into your food, you help yourself eat healthy and enjoy the food you're eating!

I hope this was helpful for some of you and until next time, cheers :)


justlou said...

That look very yummy and soo colorful and healthy. I will need to try that someday. Looks great for a late night snack without the carbs.

Ev said...

that looks delicious!! thanks for the healthy food tips, i love them :-)

Lexie said...

that looks really yummy


Miss Katatny said...

lovely blog! check mine out!
xoxo I hope you can support me by following x :)

Valerie Nguyen said...

that looks delicious! I love a colorful plate as well, it is said that a colorful plate is a healthy plate cuz you're eating all the necessary vitamins and nutrition that you need for your body. I've been on a diet, but one thing I can't live without is carbs! I don't care what people say... I'm gonna eat it! I just workout a million times longer than most people. Haha!

jazziebabycakes said...

justlou: It is! I was so satisfied after I ate it all. It was filling and delicious.

Ev: It really was! I'm glad you enjoy the foot tips, If enough people like them, I'll keep them coming.

Lexie: It really was :)

Miss Katatny: Thanks!

Valerie: I've heard that! I'm glad that I incorporate a lot of colorful vegetables into my diet a lot. Sometimes it doesn't turn out so delicious, but this time it did :) & I KNOW what you mean about carbs. I've cut back a lot from what I used to eat but I definitely still eat a fair amount so that's why I've been working out as much as I have lately haha. Mmmm carbs

Chatta Box said...

Wow that looks yummy. I'll love to try it out.