Switching it up.

I want to first and foremost thank everyone who reads this thing and I want to say welcome to my new followers! I know the video I posted on youtube has led you here and I hope that you enjoy what I post from time to time :)

For the past two weeks I've been pushing myself harder at the gym compared to the weeks before because I want to see what I can withstand, also because I don't want to plateau. I'm pretty much going to the gym everyday when I can. The only day I've missed since last Monday was when I went to Oakland for my mom's birthday. What does this mean? It means I feel like a grandma now and fall asleep at 11 pm now. Last night I was going to blog at around 12:45 but it felt like 5 am to me so I had to sleep haha. Nonetheless here I am in the morning while I eat my ritual morning food before working out (a small bowl of Special K, boiled egg, and a fruit which is a banana today).

After the gym (usually a couple of hours later), I get spurts of energy and want to do things. I decided to play with makeup and I ended up with two videos.

I also picked up my dress shirt I got tailored and bought a bunch of clothes because my style is again morphing into something else. I'm really excited about my dress shirt because I got a men's shirt tailored to me so that I can properly rock a bow tie (I own two now). I think I look a little like Annie Hall but slightly more feminine.

I came home and my desk is was littered with products and my things after a couple of days. It doesn't matter of how often I clean it up, there are always products everywhere after I do makeup and record videos.

At night, I painted my nails because they were bare again. I always paint my nails before bed which is always a bad thing but thanks to Seche Vite (which is a top coat that I purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $8), I don't have to worry about waiting for an hour or two to relax in my bed. I swear this top coat has saved me time so much in the past that I always go back to it. The color I put on my nails is OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape. I think its very soft and pretty. When I looked at the color I thought it looked a little plain so I threw China Glaze's black crackle polish and I love this thing for when I'm feeling lazy and I want my nails to look snazzed up. It does it's job right, but more so if you are random with the strokes on your nails and do them in different directions. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but hey, they still look fun.

Before bed I noticed the pink eyeshadow I used stained my lids, thus is the story of my life whenever I wear color. Oh well! As an end to this random post, I have no shame on posting pictures of me without makeup though, so here it is. I've done this several times online and I think that people need to feel comfortable in their own skin enough to be bare. The way you are naturally is beautiful.

I hope all of you are having a great week thus far! I'll talk to you soon enough :)


Beccy said...

Your nails look amazing!

LaydeeV said...

Enjoyed your post! You are really dedicated to working out! Keep it up!

bellapepper53 said...

great post! thanks for telling me about seche vita (i prob spelled it wrong), i always paint my nails before bed but then end up with sheet prints the next morning :(

UniqueCouture said...

I definitely need to start eating better and working out, hello motivation!

Monticka said...

Crap I think my browser just had a fit, my comment might not have gotten thought.

"NYX makes an awesome pink with a gold sheen(almost duachrome) eyeshadow called Wild flower.
If that pink eyeshadow you just used is that one, use it one the cheeks! I'm telling you, it's to die for! <3

If you don't have it, get it! The texture is really creamy and wonderful as well :D"

LD said...

love the pink shadow! wish i could pull it off myself :P

jazziebabycakes said...

Beccy: Thank you!

LaydeeV: Thanks! I am very dedicated to working out right now, it's making me feel great. Thanks again!

bellapepper53: No problem! It's spelled seche vite, but you should try it. It totally helps for us late night manicurists haha.

UniqueCouture: Yay! I'm glad I could be a motivator :)

MOnticka: I actually didn't use that on my lids but I'm going to post a video on it soon!

LD: You can totally pull off pink eyeshadow! I think anyone can pull off any color, it's just a matter of being able to have the confidence to rock it and not care what anyone else thinks.

Mariah said...

i have a question for you. whenever i do my eyeshadow i feel like i always end up with specks of eyeshadow under my eyes and on the sides of my nose! I usually just wash it off and put a lil concealer but its just a pain every time. how can i prevent the backsplash of powder on my face? thanks :)

jazziebabycakes said...

Mariah: If you tap the excess eyeshadow off of your brush you will minimize fallout. Also if you put a layer of face powder under your eyes, you can just wipe it off after with the fallout you get from applying it.